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2016 Lightning strikes CJIM Montreal — airplay!

Image. Screenshot of CJIM app selecting Lightning L'Rock's Lightning, from Rock's Not Dead, gets airplay in Montreal!

L’Rock November 2015 Akademia Music Awards BEST SONG HARD ROCK!

Image. The Akademia Certificate Center Award Image December L'Rock roars out the gate on a voice that can cut like a chainsaw - or melt hearts - with its rugged desire, and the rest of the band is killing it too. Read more…
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L’Rock Chats With SiriusXM!

Image. Collage of two photos, LRock at Canada Talks SiriusXM L’Rock talked rock 'n' roll 'n' a whole bunch more when she sat down with Canada Talks this month! Listen to what she said on What She Says Radio.


Image. Collage of three photos, LRock at Dead Dog Records L’Rock and a couple of the gents from her band came in to talk!

Read the Fordham Blog for more!

Interviewed by K-ROCK 97.1, St. John’s!

L'Rock, Wanda Pender and host J'Lac. Laura revealed the origin of L’Rock and more to KROCK's JLaC when she visited the Rock this summer… hear the interview, with Wanda Pender.

L'Rock playing on "The Woman of Substance Radio!"

L'Rock added to "The Woman of Substance Radio" for air play! Listen!

Spot On Magazine—Drop the Mic!

L’Rock featured this month on New York's Spot On Magazine!

L'Rock Takes #1 spot for TRS (New York) Top Ten Countdown

“…Artists are not only chosen by their music, but by their aggressive display of self promotion, their willingness to encourage others, their social media activeness and their self development.…”

Read the full article at The Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia

What a way to start the New Year!

L’Rock is Global Entertainment Mag's first featured artist of 2014!

“Laura's song "Law of Attraction" it is the type of song that reminds me of my relationship with my husband, that being the law of attraction always keeping us together since high school. She really digs in deep to produce songs for her audience that we can relate to our relationships, songs that the fans can own.”

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We're truly blessed!. Law of Attraction 4th song from Law of Attraction nominated…

L’Rock nominated for HMMA's Los Angeles 2013s Rock category.

  • Mar 2013 98.5
  • Jan 2013 Get Your Rock On
  • July 2012 Blindsided
  • June 2012 Light My Fuse

Home town girl makes good...

Featured in St. John's Telegram, Weekend Life

Laura got a full page spread in the St. John's Telegram! Laura spoke with Diane M. Wells about her rock and roll journey.

David Burrows Interview now on YouTube!

Rock and Rollers, you're going to love this lady…

"     The Show" 13 Feb 2013
    This week…
    Exciting Hard Rocking Female from Toronto, Ontario!
    Exclusive interview with L Rock (Laura Rock)
    A Rock n Roll Goddess who won't let rock die!
    Laura Rock @lrocknroll on Twitter!

CIUTs 89.5 Howl

L’ Rock’s interview with Nik Beat

"check out L' Rock's interview with Nik Beat, of CIUTs 89.5 Howl as they review what she's done in the last year including 2 nomintations for the HMM Awards in Los Angles. But there is more! Listen to Eric Alper of EOnce Music talk about Laura in his interview afters hers and hear what he has to say that has her lighting up like xmas tree!!

KMW Radio says...

Meet Canada’s New Rock Goddess: Laura L’ Rock

Once in awhile we are fortunate enough to cross paths with someone who exudes positive energy. When we do we want to know more about that person. We want to talk to that person, get close to that person, and we are drawn to soak in the message of their creative works. Laura L’ Rock is one of those cool chicks that just shines bright and vivacious. But like I always say . . . never mistake kindness for weakness. L’Rock’s strength and positive energy is as inspiring as her story and original music.

Read the entire article!

Laura attends Hollywood Music in Media Awards at the beautiful and historic Fonda Theater in Hollywood, November 15!

Nominated for two songsLight My Fuse and Blindsided — she shared the Red Carpet with a-list composers, producers, songwriters and music legends honored for their contributions in film, tv, video games, movie trailers and other visual mediums, followed by a splashy gala with host and master musical impressionist Greg London. Guest presenters and VIPs included actor Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts, guitar hero Gilby Clarke, film director Andy Fickman, former Matchbox 20 member Adam Gaynor, actress Natasha Henstridge, New Age/Ambient winner Marla Maples and many more.

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards showcase the brightest talent in the industry.

CBC WAM September 29-30 Liner Notes Laura L'Rock

Laura was interviewed in St. John's. Check it out!

Listen to Laura!

The 365 Radio Network is not your average internet radio station... Radio waves

K-ROCK 97.5 Newfoundland's Classic Rock Radio waves

Laura's on Emidio's Rock Den, Digital Revolution Radio Radio waves

Laura had fun talking with The Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia TRS247 Radio Radio waves

Laura thanks CIUT 89.5 FM from the roots up! Radio waves

Laura loves rocking with David Ray Global Rock!Radio waves

Listen to Laura across the full CBC Radio network Radio waves

Listen to Laura on JFL — The Internet Home of Rock & RollRadio waves

Laura Lights the fuse with Shep FMRadio waves

Sore with Laura L'Rock as she soars with The EagleRadio waves

More Soaring with The Eagle!

Soaring with DJ Nade!

Hanging out in Sarnia with DJ Nade in the Shade at The Eagle 107.7/103.3 FM
Laura with DJ Nade at The Eagle FM

K-Rock drive by!

Espresso with Laura Rock!
31 July —

Laura interviewed for Beware of Doll Blogazine at the Aroma Espresso Bar
screen shot of article

That's Awesome 26 with L'Rock

Listen for Laura on CBC

From the L'Rock News Room

It's official! Law of Attraction will be getting airplay on CBC.

Law of Attraction

originally posted at ohwowyouworethat.comby Jack Harding
on June 12, 2012 in events

At Now Lounge on June 7th 2012, distinguished guests and media were invited to the CD release party for Newfoundland born, indie rock singer, Laura L’Rock. Interviewed Laura L'Rock,
April 26. Watch!

Nik Beat interviewed L'Rock for Howl Radio,
March 6th. Listen!

Laura soared with the Eagle Sat., Feb. 18
The Eagle 107.7 FM / 103.3 FM
 Listen Live

Did you know that the Eighties is Back with a vengeance!!!???

Well just take a gander and a listen to L’Rocks debut CD, Law of Attraction! Actually Laura L’Rock gives you the 80’s NOW!!! That is the sound that reverberates-whereas 80’s rock and hair band metal rock gave you girls girls and fame and fortune and it’s all about us making a lot of bread. L’Rock actually writes almost entirely about other artists other voices and other rooms so to speak. Very few of the songs on her new CD are about her right!!!??? Wrong, they are all about her take on life in the fast lane of 2011 and going. The lady is the lead singer in a Top Forty band called Rock Candy, but is on her own here.

In the media…
Photo. LRock at K-ROCK, August 2014 Meet Canada’s New Rock Goddess: Laura L’ Rock WAM September 29-30 Liner Notes Laura L'Rock Screen shot of, Jul 31 issue, article 'Espresso with Laura Rock!'. Screen shot of Oh Wow You Wore That site, Jun 12 showing review of Jun 7 show. Screen shot of Lipstik Indie Web Site Reviews page, January 2 2012, featuring L'Rock.

Thanks for the Mention!@lorenweisman (LW Music Consulting) said "Light your fuse is a solid rocker. Have not heard some solid attitude and punch in a while. Great stuff!!!"